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3 Suprising Things Buyers Look For

Posted by Cynthia Johnson

When listing your home, you always think of the essential things such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and obvious amenities. However, there are certain things that many buyers look for that sellers often forget to mention in their listings and marketing materials.

Here are three surprising things buyers look for when purchasing a new home that you should consider if you are selling your home:

  1. Storage and organization. Most first-time home buyers have been used to renting and having limited storage space that they are so excited to get into a home where they will finally have a clutter-free area to store their items. If you have extra storage space, organized closets and/or pantries, or other built-in storage amenities, it’s worth mentioning in your home’s marketing materials.
  2. Energy efficiency and “green” living. Many energy efficient features are very budget friendly for homebuyers. Homebuyers understand that utility costs are additional to the purchase of their home, and it’s something they will consider in their budget. If your home has dual paned windows or new insulation, mention it. If you are including energy efficient appliances in your home, mention it. There are many buyers who are attracted to “green” environments, so if you have a “green” home, many homebuyers will appreciate it.
  3. Updated design and colors. When you’ve lived in your home for over 10 years, you often get used to the design and colors you chose 10 years ago. When selling your home, remember that you are selling to a new audience. Update your colors, but keep them neutral. Update any outdated or kitschy design elements you have. Hiring a home stager is a great investment and can help you sell your home faster and make it more appealing to new homebuyers.
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